Warfare refers to the common activities and characteristics of types of war: intense armed conflict between states, governments, societies, paramilitary, or even races, characterized by extreme violence, aggression, destruction and mortality.

A special case of warfare is total war, that is not restricted to purely legitimate military targets, and can result in massive non-combatant casualties.

Generally speaking, wars are fought over a whole different set of reasons, from the neutralization of hostile target, to conquests, and most often are sparked from massive incompatibilities in race, culture and religion.

In the 700 thousand years of history of the Cosmic Disk, nearly innumerable occasions of warfare went through, and armed conflicts are largely destabilizing civilized societies across all races up to this day.

Modern-day conflicts

As of 7901, a massive number of warfares is still sweeping through the galaxy; this section aims to listen the most important of those conflicts.

The Holy War (3171 - )

The Holy War refers to the nearly perpetual violent conflict of the Republic and the Free Heaven Movement over hundreds of thousands of human-inhabited colonies, as well as the sovereignty of distemporal people, a very serious minority of contemporary interstellar human population.

The major source of the longest and bloodiest of all human conflicts is the fact that the Movement enjoys the support of hundreds of billions of their believers of Arderist Christianity, a space-faring and supernatural-abiding branch of Abrahamic religions which strictly venerates and emancipated distemporal people.

Distemporal people are over-represented by far the most in FHM, consisting of over 40% of the population; as such, the very existence of the Arderist Church is a direct threat of the political-ideological goals of the Republic - a space-faring empire so advanced it employs thousands of superhuman and psyptor regiments.


The War of Retribution (6964 - )

The self-proclaimed War of Retribution is a total campaign of the totalitarian fanatic Justice Empire against every faction strictly going against their idea of the Way of Justice. While the rigid doctrine should involve the eradication of the Republic, the JE is seemingly focusing on the especially forbidden elements of civilizations.

The primary focus of the Empire in its total war is the eradication of unjust “degenerations”. This includes, among others:

The Empire justifies its actions by claiming these cultures are wildly unjust towards both each and “pure, just people”, and that human subspecies are tainting the pure human DNA pool.

While widely considered overly ambitious, the Empire gets huge support of their loose allies, most notably, the Republic, for their actions again the FHM.


Ended conflicts

In this section, the most notable historical conflicts are listed by name.

The Cloudan “Dark Campaign” (2691 - 3053)

In the early days of the Republic, at the age the First Democratic Union, they were a primary target of the Cloudan; in the so called Dark Campaign, the Confederacy forces, alongside the Rhov kept the empire in a state of perpetual total war, which eventually led to the fall of today’s Republic Haven.

It took centuries, and an almost complete interstellar alliance of human factions at the time to rebuild and exile the Cloudan from the Main Ring.


The Ezri-Republic War (? - 4896)


Neocairo War (? - 7431)