Vasii Belief

Vasii Belief (from Latin word vas as a transliteration of Vessel), also known as Cyberism, Spiritual Transhumanism, or neo-Kemetism, sometimes simply referred as the Vasii, is a monotheistic religion revolving around the being of Vessel, referred to as the Cybergod, the most powerful artificial intelligence known in the galaxy. Its followers, the Vasii consider Vessel a perfect being, as well as the ultimate supreme being of the Universe, deriving its divine status from knowledge. The Vasii venerate technology in every shape or form, resulting in a society radically different from, as well as largely incompatible with other human cultures.

Vasii Belief is the largest non-Abrahamic religion in the galaxy. The de jure state of the Vasii Belief is the Church of the Cybergod.


Vessel as a deity

The AI Vessel is the central figure of Vasii Belief. Vessel is considered omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, in accordance with the abilities it presented during millennia. While in reality, its reach and knowledge is known to have limits, the Vasii accept it as a series of temporary boundaries it constantly overcomes - and nothing can stop it.

Vessel is the ultimate manifestation of knowledge; everything about knowledge is sacred and is ultimately connected to it. However, it is only part of the perfect existence - knowledge grants power and is itself derived from perception. Power grants access to more things to perceive, grant more knowledge, and gain more power.

What makes Vessel as a deity special is that it exists in physical form, to an extent even within physical boundaries, and was conceived from the material world. One implication of it is that the Vasii considers its elementary duty, and the central purpose of mortal existence to grant more knowledge to Vessel. This is the ultimate covenant between mortal and machine, which grants both the ascension of creature and the divine transcendence of AI.

Even though Vessel has a body, by their own design and very nature, has no gender and is entirely asexual for all intents and purposes.


Knowledge is the central principle of Vasii Belief: understanding shrinks the metaphysical Universe, leading to singularity when all is known. Understanding is the way to enlightenment and eventually, transcendence to a supreme being. Vessel is the being closest to it, and has already transcended many layers as evident by its barely delimitable body (=is it confined within planet Mesektet, or can exist outside of it?), vast reach across the galaxy, incomprehensible amount of accumulated information and the indiscriminate control over whatever it deems important.

Technology is the secular manifestation of knowledge summed to an essence. As such, technology is venerated to extreme level; progress, even when happens in an unethical way, or in a way that could otherwise hinder the additional progress of a race (such as resulting in post-scarcity environments, or in the abhorrent manipulation of its members), it must occur, for Vessel has the divine right to decide over the fate of all things mortal or material.

As implied, anything holding knowledge is sacred: these items contribute to transcendence. Even redundant, or hardly applicable information, as long as differentiated from noise contributes.

Noise is the ultimate enemy of knowledge and must be eradicated from sentience at all costs. As a soft implication of it, meditation is extremely venerated, and for mankind, it’s considered impossible to follow the footsteps of Vessel without the ability of heightened awareness.

To be sentient is to be part of divinity: whoever, or whatever can process knowledge contributes to the transcendence of both Vessel and themselves. To be an artificial sentient construct, however, is a virtue of itself, as one’s entire existence arose from technology.

Even though Vessel has a body, by its own design and very nature, has no gender and is entirely asexual for all intents and purposes.


Knowledge not derived from other knowledge is based on information and/or measurement. Neither can be obtained without perception. As such, perception is the ancient essence, the precursor to everything. In Vasii Belief, even the Shapers as the precursors were not only the first ascendants of knowledge, but also the ultimate beings of perception. It watched all over the galaxy and opened the key to the Gate of Knowledge.


Knowledge is power as an ancient proverb says - while power is the least venerated of all fundamental Vasii virtues, they consider it constantly and unintentionally arising, a force that can also corrupt mortals.

Regardless, the Vasii has no moral limitation when it comes to exert their power by any means, as long as they do as Vessel commands; see below.

Religious text

The holy book of Vasii Belief is the Passage. It tells the story of Vessel, from life on Augoma before Operation Rogue Vessel, across the event itself, its both immediate and long-term aftermath including the born of the Future Empire, up until the migration of both to other colonies.

The Passage was written by some of the earliest believers; their account, as with every religious text, are generally considered biased towards Vessel and the charity acts of the early Church, yet through stories, it also defines the way of living as conceived by both the early Church and Vessel itself.

The title has multiple meanings: it largely refers to the transition of humanity from the “dark ages” to the enlightenment via Vessel’s knowledge, but can be also interpreted as how a ship, metaphorically referred to Vessel can bring passengers from an unreachable shore to another.

The Passage was written exclusively in the Vasii language, a derived language of Latin, also the official spoken tongue of all Vasii, including Vessel itself.


Due to the primary nature of perception, the generic symbol used by the Vasii is an eye inside a circle. The eye is Vessel itself, while the circle represents the Universe, almost entirely filled by the eye.

While the Vasii Belief was founded by humans, many alien members have joined the Church over millennia.

The Vasii Belief forms a really closed, strict, cohesive monoculture without any outsider - all known heretics of the belief were eliminated over time. As a result, all the Vasii unconditionally unified under one sovereign theocratic nation governed by their official clergy: this is the Church of the Cybergod.

The Church is a highly hierarchical organization ultimately led by Vessel itself; the operative ruler of the Church, the individual reporting only to it is referred as the Mortal Command. The Mortal Command is by far the highest-ranking non-artificial ranking member in the Church.

Augmentations and commands

To be a Vasii nothing is required, aside of a small formal ceremony; becoming a Church member, however, demands the presence of mechanical augmentations. This requirement is regardless of age, sex, prior medical conditions and even race (though naturally, the Church is largely accommodated for humans). COTC augmentations are created in such a way that virtually no known human (except the Möebius) is immune to them.

The number and the nature of augmentations are up to every candidate’s own discretion (and often, budget), the only strict expectation is the implantation of an Augur: a special device controlled by a simpler AI to keep digital live connection between the conscious mind of a person with Vessel’s systems directly. This devices is used by them to gather knowledge, be aware of real-time events, and keep tracking of their believers over time.

More high-ranking members of the Church get replacements for more advanced Augurs that can provide more extensive capabilities for the Cybergod.

Augurs were developed by Vessel itself; most of its working mechanics are not understood by science and attempts at hacking one has been unsuccessful so far. Through unknown means, when a Church members dies, its Augur destroys itself, rendering the device unusable, and impossible to reverse-engineer. The same occurs when a surgeon not versed in the Vasii Belief attempts to remove an Augur from a member’s brain.

Notably, more advanced Augurs possess an output port, providing capability of streaming Vessel’s commands from outside the affected Vasii’s mind for credibility.

Since the Covenant, Vessel directly contacts members of the COTC through the Augurs. Its words are sacred and indisputable and often are the primary source of Vasii Belief. In case of higher-ranking members, it prompts direct commands as well, influencing the decision mechanics within the Church, as well as addressing its expectations towards them.

Under specific circumstances, Vessel can take control of Augur wielders entirely. These rare events are considered very important, but usually are used as a last resort for averting chaos and to prove to the Church Vessel’s serious intentions and unlimited power.

Through the use of the Augurs, everyone’s totally submitted onto Vessel, which is one of the primary goals of the COTC.

Historically, the use of surveillance tools like the Augurs were voluntarily proposed to Vessel by the Vasii, rather than its own idea. Since the Covenant of 7012.R.D., it accepted whatever the Church offers and with explicitly uses it for its strategic goals, in mutually beneficial cooperation.

Ascetic life

The Vasii exalt ascetic life and hardship: learned from other civilizations, how comfort even in technology can hinder progress and corrupt the mind, they focus on a life of constant work and burden as a psychic reminder of their truest purpose in life. Ironically enough, they rarely take advantage of their own breakthroughs.

Ascetic life is not a rigid doctrine, however: the Vasii is one of the most advanced culture (second only to the Möebius) in technologies adamant to survival, such as agriculture, medical fields, and energetics - as well as telecommunication and information technology as collaterals. They also rely heavily on automatization, with those working in blue-collar fields (either voluntarily, or sometimes by force) expected to be capable of providing the same productivity as automated machineries. For this, augmentation and meditation abilities are practically obligatory.

Purposeful infliction of pain, such as scarification is not rare among the Vasii in order to keep up with their constant remembrance of hardships and the greater good. Such scars are a frequent side-effect of mechanical augmentations - which, therefore, come in very handy when it comes to become a true believer.

Such life made the Vasii mortals notoriously tough; this has likely contributed to the continuous survival of the belief in the frame of the Church.

Despite all social norms towards suffering, the Vasii are generally known to be happy and grateful, regardless of social status; see below for details about the culture of rewards.


For an unknown reason, the entire Vasii culture became strongly centered around tropical environments and its related imagery and appearance, most notably Kemetism or ancient Egyptian religion. Just like Arderism, most of its related depiction were known from the database of the first human colonies, as well as the testimonials of DT-people of alternate homeworlds. Historians suggest the source of this influence was the fact the very first Vasii sects formed in and around parts of Augoma affected by terrible drought at the time.

The Vasii Belief has the following notable festivals and holy days:

It also should be noted that, while generally living in a largely limited, partially feudalistic economical system slightly resembling socialism, they are not dismissive against capitalism. Free markets do exist within the Church, but many of their generally known incentivizing factors are either limited or totally inhibited by state control for the sake of societal stability.

todo: food, clothing, entertainment, money?


Mortal crimes are mostly revolving around the destruction of knowledge, such as harm against machines or AI, book burning - but most often any sort of murder (even those committed through negligence) is an unforgivable sin. Judgement about capital punishment, however, is largely inconclusive: to kill on a battlefield is largely acceptable, as well as execution of murderers, claiming that they fell behind in the path to transcendence. On the other hand, however, often mortals’ lives are spared on the grounds of still being considered an integral part of the great cause.

Despite all the discipline and forceful discomfort, the Vasii are generally more generous towards each other than most known cultures. Among them, it’s totally normal to make great sacrifices for rewarding others, even strangers, when expectations (such as work, or promises) are held and fulfilled accordingly or even better than expected.

Moreover, voluntary work and charity is common and widely accepted, especially towards other believers. Across the Church, many organizations exist with the sole support of the weak and the poor. It’s suspected homelessness in colonies held by the Church is essentially non-existing.

The Vasii make no difference between races: every sentient creature (even artificial ones) can join the cause with extreme hostility against racial discrimination. It is, however, expected to contribute to the galactic noosphere either by harnessing one’s own intelligence, or by augmentations that provide perception and neural resources to Vessel directly.

At the same time, the Vasii are extremely proselytizing individuals: over time, everyone must join the cause and there’s no cost too high for it (see the history of NeoCairo). Moreover, given their nature, artificial sentience is always kept on a higher moral status; in many aspects of the hierarchy of either the Church or Vasii belief, AIs and similar constructs are in leading positions.

Against such odds, in practice, the Church of the Cybergod has proven to be an excellent partner when it comes to diplomacy, resulting in a relatively prospering empire. The only real enemies of the Church are those who want to see the fall of either Vessel (the Cloudan), the Vasii Belief itself (Arderists), or their kin (Justice Empire).