The timeline of the TNU covers hundreds of thousands of year with varying level of detail; as such, it’s separated into several parts. This article concerns with the context of said separations and provides a short overview for the entire history of the world.


Just like the first colonists in the early days, every human nation in the galaxy are still using the Gregorian calendar - for ultimate simplicity, event dates of alien perspective are converted to Gregorian dates, as well.

For different races, though, the first year of the calendar is wildly different. In general, the mainly used calendars are Beacon Year (BY), Serpent Resurrection Year (KW), and Republic Date (R.D.).

R.D. is preferred for humans due to the age and sheer cultural dominance the Republic as a human civilization (with the appearance of humans predating R.D: with “only” 2624 years); while for alien historical events, KW is used as it’s possibly easier to understand.

Aside of the rebel factions (see below), every human nation accepted and integrated the R.D. calendar.

The current year is considered the very beginning of the main story; this is when Drake resurrects on Vel. This is the year 671 385 by Beacon Year; the year 108 226 by Kvahk’er’Weplec; the year 7901 by Republic Date; and the year 4775 by Resistance Year.

Beacon Year (BY)

The most fundamental calendar defined the beginning of history when the Cosmic Disk took its current form.

BY1 marks the First Beacon World Activation Event and the ultimate disappearance of the Shapers - this event has sharply defined the advancement of every race, and as such, most of them are using this event as a main fixed point in their written history.

Kvahk’er’Weplec (KW)

This very ugly word means “Serpent Resurrection” in Sun Serpent language.

Serpent Resurrection was a cataclysmic event, to which the Sun Serpent Empire dates back its written in-galaxy history, due to the empire being founded as a consequence, or aftermath, of said event.

Resistance Year (RY)

Given their fundamental conflict, as well as cultural and religious reasons, the Free Heaven Movement refuses using the R.D. calendar; instead the conceived the RY calendar, starting in 3426.R.D. - this was the date of the formation of the Movement.

Aside of the FHM, the Starcloud Nation is also using the RY calendar.

Shaper Domination

The age before most written history is known as the Shaper Domination - an era when the ancient race of the Shapers rose up and performed its experiments, construction processes, and in general everything regarding their civilization.

As the galaxy didn’t even exist at the time, no early Shaper relics are found, and as such, very few is known about this period of history - every source about it is from tales and derivative sources.

First Shaper extinction event

Nothing is known about the initial evolution period, but some sort of extinction event could have affected the Shapers in the early, leading in a huge setback of their civilization. It’s theorized that there might have been conflicts between the subspecies of their lineage, similar to the early days of human evolution.

Second Shaper extinction event

Tales about a second extinction event also appeared; somehow a much slower, semi-evolutionary period of advancement was culminated in it. It’s not ruled out it was self-inflicted by technology; either way, significant speeding up in advancement is theorized afterwards.

The Space Race Era

Judging from the oldest artifacts in the galaxy, it became evident very quickly that from unknown reasons, the Shapers had very sharp understanding of space ship design and space exploration in general. How they could defeat astronomical challenges so easily, especially without the use of faster-than-light travel is not know, but it’s without any doubt that it brought exponential expansion to the race.

The Empire Era

Supposedly, the Shapers had a very ancient, very monolithic empire by the time of their ascension; its origins are dated back to the early days of conquering galaxies. It was also the age during which they conquered the entire Filament Supercluster and might have conceived the idea of the Cosmic Disk the first time.

The Kidar Manedorgtem Era

Under this name, the Shaper empire ultimately unified their race. They have reached their currently known status of hyper-advanced space-faring race in this period; the huge majority of their relics, artifacts and ruins are from this era.

The Ascension Era

It’s unknown what exactly the Shapers did after forming the seemingly perfect empire; either way, this was surely the era in which they had both the capacity and the intention to create the Cosmic Disk, as well as theoretically hundreds of thousands of its clones, lookalikes, and other similar projects.

In the end of the Ascension Era, they used the Gate to leave the galaxy; supposedly they are gone from the supercluster, too.


The Shaper Domination was also the age when the the Cloudan and the Aurost were evolved and created, respectively.

History of the galaxy

The relevant history of the Cosmic Disk starts some dozens of thousands of years before the first Beacon World activation event, and follows 750 thousand years until the major storyline begins.

The Beacon World Era

From BY1 to BY563,159

Spanning almost half a million years, from the initial arrival of the Sun Serpents until the Serpent Resurrection, it was mostly the age of the rise and fall of many alien races, and the initial phase of the conflict between the three major alien races.

The age of Serpent Resurrection

From KW,1 to KW,97,701

From the collapse of the Sun Serpent civilization until the arrival of humanity, the age of Serpent Resurrection was the phase when said race first faded into obscurity, then built up and rose back to dominance in a new monolithic theocracy. A huge majority of the race was exterminated by the Cloudan during these years, and they have got a foothold in many sacred, ancient Sun Serpent planets; ones that they could hold for thousands of thousands of years before.

Historians theorize that if it was not for the human race, the Cloudan might actually have succeeded in conquering the galaxy. At their peak, the Confederacy held over 60% of the galaxy in their hands.

Dawn of humanity

From (-2624).R.D. to 3426.R.D.

Starting with the arrival of the first human colonists on planet Volada, and spanning until the creation of the Free Heaven Movement, the Human Dawn was the age of first human civilizations, as well as their spread across the galaxy. It was the era that culturally had the biggest influence on the present’s human civilizations.

The appearance of the physically weak, but very adaptive and massively EEC-capable human race marked the end of the the domination of the Rhov in space and indirectly ensured Serpent Resurrection can’t happen ever again.

The most notable date of this age is the formation of the precursor state of the Republic.

Rise of resistance

From 3426.R.D. to 7901.R.D.

After the Republic triggered the anger of the many of the oppressed, humanity started becoming more fragmented than ever before; in present days they rule over more colonies than the Cloudan ever could.

While the major conflicts halted technological advancement in the beginning, the events on planet Augoma gave a head start to a new space race.

As of 7901.R.D., the galaxy is more exotic and diverse than ever before. And this is when an unknown punk arrived…