Terminus Nation as a concept, while encompasses an entire universe, its focal point in space and time is obviously toned down to an understandable and comprehensible extent. The huge majority of the articles on this site (including this one) is about this limited scope.

Major differences from our world

Rules of physics in Terminus Nation Universe have very few difference from that of within our world; yet, the introduction of a handful of small divergencies resulted in a difference of cosmic magnitudes. Said divergences are listed and explained below.

Ethereal Energy

The most notable difference between the two worlds is the presence of Ethereal Energy (EE for short), a mysterious extra energy source bonded to true physical matter - and in some cases, to exotic fundamental particles, as well.

EE has two major ways of utilization:

EE is not accessible with any other methods, being completely “invisible” for regular principles of science defined by humans (or any other races, for that fact). Even the main set of tools to utilize it was initially invented or discovered (exact origins are disputed) by the Shapers (detailed below) and rediscovered by other races before humans emerged.

While originated from an otherwise limited set of tools, the potential in Ethereal Energy for practical usage far exceeds that of ordinary science can provide. Countless applications in warfare, economy, industry and culture appeared during the vast history of the world.

Because of its supernatural nature, EEC is also referred as magic, but scientific circles are not on consensus, whether it is an anomalous process or can be precisely described by nature.

Distemporal people

Partially originating from the nature of Ethereal Energy, the TNU is subject to an additional major anomaly, with the result of that it essentially functions in a way “underworld” is defined by several major beliefs. While TNU possesses an alternate timeline for the human origin, and consequently, a community of “indigenous” human population, a significant proportion of “dead people” are present besides them, too. Science refer to the latter as distemporal people.

Distemporal people are essentially indistinguishable from regular human beings, in terms of obtaining nearly identical biological traits. Mayor differences come up related to the concept of death:

Distemporal people are all between the age 10 and 85 biologically, by unknown reasons, and all of them originates from various alternate timelines, causing an extremely wide cultural diversity among them.

Shaper heritage

Until billions of years before what is generally considered the “present” of the TNU, an extremely advanced and unusually unified monolithic race ruled this specific portion of it. Succeeding cultures call them the Shapers as their final empire was responsible for the introduction of countless technological and cultural artifacts that often could neither be understood nor reverse-engineered.

In a way or another, their concept explicitly appears in the history or culture of every race possessing sufficient development level. Notable example are the Cloudan race, being nearly exterminated by the impact of a Shaper artifact; the Aurost race, directly created by them through presumably bio-engineering methods; and the Sun Serpent race that claims to be the descendants of the lowest group in their society.

In the focal point of the world, Beacon World and the connected Planet Monument Web are the most significant Shaper creations.


Though the major differences are explainable by any of the three concepts above, certain unusual phenomena are additionally present.

Extraterrestrial life

Life in TNU has radically different forms, based on various fundamental principles not known the current science. It is a combined result of Shaper presence, exotic (often supernatural) minerals and compounds, and the divergence of usually known coal-based life under various environmental effects.

Language Anomaly and Meditation Anomaly

Through unknown means, Beacon World induces and amplifies a sequence of neural anomalies in both newborn infants and “arriving” distemporal instances of the human race. This is presumably a result of Ethereal Energy Channeling on a cosmic scale that though irreversible, poses no threat to human health.

The most important consequence of the phenomena is a perception anomaly, which involves every human being, regardless of divergence in the DNA structure or the sensory organs, understanding most other languages spoken by humans. The way is this language detection works is unknown, and the Shapers’ involvement in it is also heavily disputed - the most accepted (though unproven) theory is that someone or something within the Beacon World, being aware of the nature and the presence of humanity, has installed the necessary infrastructure and attached it to the long-range amplification devices originally built by the Shapers.

Another notable, though less prevalent consequence is that every distemporal people “arriving” within this effective range is subject to an immediate understanding of meditation (and Metafocus in particular) in such a way that implies Ethereal Energy also exists and understood in their homeworlds as they are seamlessly capable of recreating any supernatural ability they possessed previously. This made conflicts with some DT-people particularly difficult - see below.

It is unknown, what races or beings are capable or both knowing human behavior, Shaper technology and the access to the interior of BW, while also being physically capable of implementing the sufficient machinery for such a force field.

Superhuman culture

Human dissatisfaction, various form of oppression, the alien terror, cultural codex and the Meditation Anomaly all contributed to the emergence of the concept of superhumans and supernatural humans at the corresponding parts of the TNU.

Either utilizing meditation or finding scientific methods to improve one’s abilities and extend body functionality, several outcasted individuals (including a numerous DT-people) started living an outlaw life style. These people soon become a major threat for the major superpowers, human and alien alike.

Extermination war between these groups and larger states are very frequent - the concept of which serves as one of the central themes of the stories in this project.

The Cosmic Disk and its background

Terminus Nation focuses mostly on the Cosmic Disk as the main location of events. Getting its name from its ring-shaped structure, with Beacon World keeping it together, this “galaxy” contains hundreds of thousands of solar systems. For a very long time, it was assumed to be a galaxy on its own, even if the numbers were very low, astronomically speaking; later on, however, various theories rose about the Shapers’ involvement in the creation of this mass.

What is known is that the Beacon World, the center of the galaxy is most likely a very small type of a quasar, producing an anomalous pillar of light visible from every part of the galaxy. A huge portion of its produced heat, light and radiation is absorbed by a “filter”, installed by the Shapers that provides energy supply for a set of complex machinery residing somewhere beyond the event horizon of the central black hole.

The short-term functionality of the Beacon World is to operate a network of biomechanical computers placed on every planet or moon in the Cosmic Disk. These are the Planet Monuments and host a small amount of space distortion gates, connecting each other in space, regardless of physical distance. While some of these distortions are unstable, randomly changing destination or closing, because of their involvement in interstellar travel and the unfeasible nature of using it through conventional means of transport, they are very frequently used as a dominant alternative for such travels.

The long-term functionality of the central megastructure is to gather data from Planet Monuments to calculate ideal moments for EE channeling. The excess energy gained this way is used to power another superstructure out in the intergalactic void. This structure is usually referred as Ezbekuar’s Gate or the Gate for short. The last of the Shapers used the Gate’s very long-range space distortion effect to travel an enormous distance (assumed to be billions of light years) in an instant.

Beacon World takes ~670 thousand years to fill and activate the Gate, entirely depleting itself - it renders its “filter” inactive, with the resulting increased radiation destroying a huge portion of lifeforms in the Cosmic Disk, assumed to be an unintended side effect of the mechanism.

The “present” of the TNU is barely years apart from the second activation, what is very anticipated by several groups of distemporal and regular people alike, who see the Gate as their only chance to escape the galaxy and all its terror. Rumors say either the destination of the Gate or the Gate itself renders distemporal people mortal again.

The Cosmic Disk is inhabited by five major and countless major human, and three major alien factions.


History, in a cultural meaning, has three major periods in the TNU.

Shaper Domination

History of the TNU is rarely ever been detailed before the appearance of the Shaper race, as their activity may have introduced changes that may have altered properties of age estimation - therefore, it is currently impossible to determine the age of the TNU itself. The only fix point of reference for scientists is the history of the Shaper culture - which started approximately 10 billion years ago, according to the oldest artifacts.

Beacon World Activation

The youngest Planet Monument in the Cosmic Disk is estimated to be ~700 thousand years old, after which it took a comparably small time of the Gate to be activated. By this event, the Shapers have ultimately disappeared forever from the vicinity of the galaxy, and the history of the remaining races have begun.

With over half a million years, this period covers the huge majority of the history of this “epoch” of the galaxy and witnessed countless wars between the Cloudan, the Aurost and the Sun Serpent races - on some occasion, other races emerged and fell, but only these three seem to stand the test of time.

Human emergence

The most recent period in history is usually considered to be started with the arrival of the first and only colonization ship with humans in cryosleep on its deck to the Cosmic Disk. It happened ~10 thousand years ago, with humans being the youngest, yet one of the most successful races of the galaxy - in terms of survive and population.

Moreover, the Resistance Rise era was the emergence of the second superpower after the Republic.

The main storyline: Distemporal Blues

The main focus of my efforts is on the adventurous quest for the Gate of a certain distemporal duo. “Drifter” is a criminalized yet badly socialized punk teenager from a decaying multi-levelled city; while “Amazon” is an aggressive but charming shaman from a world of tribes and rainforests.

During their quest for the Gate, they visit several superpowers within the Cosmic Disk, and even form a team from other superhumans and distemporal ones, who desire to leave.

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