Stories: Distemporal Blues

Distemporal Blues is the main storyline in Terminus Nation, telling the adventures of Drake and Siara, as well as their allies and the world around them. This is the de facto canon of the Universe and was the main motivation behind the Terminus Nation lore.


Drake lives in a dilapidated industrial town in a crater surrounded by endless factories. His life has no meaning, or any goal, since he’s hold on the leash of a local criminal gang. The boy has no idea, how he ended up in this situation, anyways; he could swore some days ago he was shot in the head, in another town far away…

Working as a security guard, one day, however, his life ultimate changes, when Siara, a woman in strange clothings and a fighting spirit, is released from mafia imprisonment. In a strange turn of events, the two became partners in fighting against the crime lords - and in finding a way out.

Distemporal Blues is the story of two young people coming from wildly different worlds, stuck in land of wild and exotic adventures, in a quest for breaking the curse of eternal life.


…one day, there’s going to be spoilers here.


As of June 2022, the story exists as a partially written novel - the first chapter is available on this site.

There are some artworks about major characters; those in the process of migration. todo

Hopefully, in the future, Distemporal Blues can become a video game.