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For me, the entire Terminus Nation universe serves most importantly as a suitable place for a bunch of stories that comes to my mind; while in the past I tried to fit every possible craziness into it, nowadays I’d rather prefer keeping its diverse-tech space western vibe.

In this article, I specify every story lines I’ve constructed to this world. Unless specified otherwise, all of these take place in the Cosmic Disk.

The desired format for Terminus Nation stories was writing for a very long time, due to its accessibility and cost-effectiveness. Because of it, most story-related material you can find here are either in the form of writings, or were intended to be writings. As of 2022, there are plans to incorporate the story into video games.

Distemporal Blues

The history of an ambitious distemporal duo, Drake and Siara (and later, their team) to break out of the afterlife they are ultimately determined to.

Distemporal Blues is the official canon of the lore, because this duo was the main driving force that made me create and start the concept of the entire world.

As such, chances are that other stories are way more vaguely defined.

Actually this one even had multiple names in the past but I wasn’t satisfied with any of them.


In 7755RD, Nathan got stranded on the sparsely populated moon Ellanos via incarnation. How he found and liberated the local Planet Monument through establishing his own settlement of Nathanland is told in this story.

As of August 2022, this is an unconcealed attempt to tribute for the Rimworld-inspired origins of Terminus Nation in the form of a video game.

Compound of the Harpies

A vaguely defined semi-slice-of-life story about Federica Impellizerri, a young adult woman of an Aquaran father, and a mother of the Bird people, living in an apartheid system on a major Republic colony.

I used this idea to dive more into the idea of alternate human subspecies but the world wasn’t really prepared for that so as of mid-2022, it’s questionable how deep I really want to dive into it. Still, I leave it here because most subspecies ideas are majorly fleshed-out.

The Protectorate of Eleinian Ochbor

The history of Eleinian Ochbor, an isolated colony (and its moon) giving home to a handful of smaller distemporal communities.

A smaller scope of what I originally meant to be the Cosmic Disk; as of May 2022 it’s nothing more than a namesake.


I also had attempts of shorter writings, mostly still in 2015. Might be worth reading.

Scrapped stories

In an attempt to turn down the scope of lore-building, I decided to rework or abandon certain stories I started or imagined for Terminus Nation. For the sake of transparency, as well as for a backlog, I leave them here.

“Aftermath” would have been a separate age detailing what could have happened after the end of the main storyline. After realizing that even finishing the main story would likely take years, I decided it’s both distracting and totally unnecessary to deal with it.

Saviors of Hakdok

An unfinished attempt at a novel I intended for NaNoWriMo 2015. Would have taken place in the volcanic, barely habitable Free Heaven planet of Hakdok. I consider it non-canon because:

Operation: Dragon Night

Yet another unfinished novel attempt; this one was intended for NaNoWriMo 2016. This was would have taken place in wide plains and lush canyons on planet Ramak Ainabon during a heavy mercenary operation against Justice Empire elite soldiers.

In hindsight I was more prepared for it, including planning and lore-building, but I still consider it non-canon because:

Tale of the Trapped Arcology

XY finds himself in a ruined planet, in the middle of an abandoned arcology. Soon he starts seeing vivid hallucinations, realizing that the atmosphere of said plant is filled with drugs, and this hallucination made local society collapsed and the place itself abandoned forever. XY tried to find a way to live, or at least, to survive among the scattered remains of human communities.

Originally intended to be an Aftermath story with Jumper, it might be an interesting one-shot adventure.

The Thundergod Saga

XY wakes up on a small moon in the shadow of the Thundergod, ruled by it, as well as dragons, Sun Serpents and two opposing medieval kingdoms.

Originally intended to be an Aftermath story with Red, now it’s merged into Voidshard.

Cult of the Vessel Prophet

XY arrives a gothic cyberpunk world where after a catastrophic meteor strike, humans started worshipping ancient technological objects. XY soon gets caught in the focus of the events, as A fragment of Vessel has trapped in his body, making them one of the most advanced augmented people of the world.

Originally intended to be an Aftermath story with Drifter, it might be an interesting one-shot adventure.

Black Paradise

XY enters a volcanic island, trying to survive in a survivable, but really freakish environment.

Originally intended to be an Aftermath story with Amazon, it might be an interesting one-shot adventure.