Spatial warp

A spatial warp, sometimes called a portal is a distortion of the continuous spacetime; in its most widespread meaning it refers to a two-dimensional surface which provides instantaneous connection between to remote points of three-dimensional space, through each of its side.

As of the current understanding of physics, such an extreme distortion is impossible without Ethereal Energy Channeling; distortions achieved by regular physics are known as gravity wells are nothing more than simple source of gravity.

Working mechanics

While not possible by regular physics, the theoretical background of spatial warps is simple and well-understood: in Einstein’s theory of general relativity, gravitation is an attribute of curved spacetime. Masses distort spacetime in their vicinity, and other particles move in trajectories determined by the geometry of spacetime.

By Ethereal Energy Channeling, such spacetime curvatures can be localized (in order to avoid internal collapse of gravity field generators) and in such enclosed space, more extremes are achievable, as well. By creating extremely deep curvatures in two separate points in three-dimensional space, and channeling Ethereal Energy in both parts of local spacetime, such curvatures can meet, resulting in a continuous connection in spacetime topology.

How gravity wells are connected specifically is not explained by the leading theories and is considered an anomaly by human understanding.


Spatial warps can exist in many different forms, all of which are known and documented only through their use on Planet Monuments. (see below) As a side effect the EEC, all of them are characterized by their different coloration. The Republic created its own naming system; the rest of the culture identifies them by their coloration.


A spatial warp is characterized by two major properties: stability and directionality.

Stability: a spatial warp is stable if, under the conditions provided by a Planet Monument, it never closes. By nature, every spatial warp generated by non-Shaper technology is temporary but stable because the only reason they close is the depletion of energy source.

Depending on the way they are created, warps can be stable as explained above; periodically stable when the opening or closing have constant waiting time; or unstable when it opens or closes randomly.

Directionality: when the creation process is more complicated, some warps have different destinations on each side.

A warp is bidirectional in its most default case; this happens when one side leads from point A to point B, and the other side leads from B to A.

unidirectional warps lead to a destination but for some reason has no exit surface.

On rare occasions, a triangular warp can exist; such a warp leads from point A to point B on one side; on the other side, however, from point B only a third point C is available. In such point C, an extra surface leads back to point A. On a graph map, this construction has the shape of a triangle, hence the name.


The stable warp types are the most well-known and the only reproducible ones.

Unidirectional stable warps are brown, bidirectional ones are white, while triangular ones are green.

Not stable warp types are appearing only in Planet Monuments and they are constantly closed and reopened. How they get their coloration is not well-understood, but can be related to their faulty or misconfigured nature.

Out of the unstable warp types, red ones are unidirectional, magenta ones are bidirectional, and silver ones are triangular.

Out of the periodically stable warp types, orange ones are unidirectional, blue ones are bidirectional, and yellow ones are triangular.

There are also purple ones which are bidirectional, and black one which are unidirectional, but each time they reopen, they have a new destination.

Planet Monuments also have two colorless warp types that are impossible to distinguish:

One colorless warp type is unstable and unidirectional with a new destination after each reopening.

The other colorless warp types is unstable and bidirectional, with a new destination after each reopening.

Biological effects

No matter how far is that in the actual space, crossing a spatial warp causes no (significant) change or transition. Most physical properties (including momentum) do not suffer any change, making the use of the term “transition” superfluous.

Despite this, many reports detailed that, when a human being goes through a spatial warp, the sudden spatial dislocation, and supposedly, the sudden stirring of body fluids in the process creates a confusion in the balancing system found in human ear - incuding nausea and in some cases, vomiting.

It’s not know if such effect exists for other races.


Planet Monuments

The most widespread practical use of space warps is in logistics: as interstellar travel is largely unfeasible, spatial warps are essential for extremely long range contacts.

This exactly is what Planet Monuments do. Portal generated by them tend to be very stable and are almost constantly present in every planet in the galaxy, influencing cultures, races and economies for hundreds of thousands of years.

Cosmic Gateways

Möebius scientists in cooperation with the Future Empire have successfully reverse-engineered a Shaper military tactical deployment device referred in ancient documents as Cosmic Gateway: a hexagon-shaped temporary Green Portal that can be casted on any planetary surface.

It’s a rare sought-out tool that is not easy to produce yet many can owe their lives to it on the battlefields.

Teleport Ships

It’s unknown how the Cloudan could develop the technology to equip its fleets with the ability to travel across light years; the leading theory of its working is the following:

Inside the geometric center of each Teleport Ship, a complex polyhedron made of exotic materials is found. By using it as the focus object, a more complex space curvature of multiple folding is created, which is then directed in metafield to “puncture” through any desired target point in spacetime.

It’s also unknown if any teleport ship has ever left the galaxy, or even if it would be capable of it across such astronomic distances.

Meditation techniques

Though it takes heavy training and lots of practice, human beings can generate short-range spatial warps by harnessing their EEC abilities via meditation. In early phases, distortions can be used to shorten relative distances for an individual (see Metastep); more proficient users can straight-out create a temporary warp for its own body (see Metawalk) or even for surrounding objects. (see Metajump)

The meditation abilities developed are nearly endless; an additional notable one, however, is the replacement of one object with another nearby, called Metaswitch.

The Gate

The Gate is by far the most capable spatial warp device ever known. The power it accumulates through thousands of years has the capability to provide intergalactic travel of extremely large scale. Such a scale requires extensive infrastructure, however, which has its signs all across the galaxy; even the very building housing the Gate itself resides in the middle of one of the few known Dyson-spheres.

It’s heavily suspected the Gate has some sort of relevance in regards of the Shaper Ascension; nobody has any information, however, what their destination could have been - if there was any.

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