I create the Terminus Nation Wiki in my free time, and ask no money for you to visit it. Needless to say, it’s extremely time-consuming.

If you enjoy staying here, and your state allows to do so, please consider donating me!

Why not ads?

When it comes to earning money, I believe in donations only.

I’m super dissatisfied of what the advertising scene has become and I wouldn’t feel OK with contributing to that shitfest. I remember how egregious it was in the early 2000s and we’re just right at that point again.

In 2017 I attempted applying unobtrusive cryptocurrency mining on the Wikidot site; over time this scene both got such an intense hatred worldwide and became wildly degenerate I became disillusioned and disappointed very quickly. Needless to say, in 2022 such an attempt would be considered a menacing red flag from any website.

Thus, the only viable option left for earning is relying on you. I used to have a Patreon site but I had little to nothing to offer, and Patreon scalps off a lot of the money anyways so I prefer avoiding it now.


You can send money directly to the PayPal address of


While I’m still dissatisfied with the way crypto scene is going, I respect the intention of those who still want to use it.

My Ethereum address: 0xC64831DbE45B841Ce2e80FB36D33c219ff505768


As I said in About, on occasion I do livestreaming on Twitch and as an Affiliate, anyone can subscribe to me! Or even cheer, or anything you want, really.

I know Amazon takes 50% of it but if you’re OK with that and not a fan of Patreon, then hit me up with a sub!

The future


Todo; I don’t have one but it might even work out for the project.

Buy my TN games!

…when I’m going to have any. Todo