Cut content

a.k.a. Terminus Nation 2: Distemporal Boogaloo!

The original Terminus Nation Wiki was (and in a hibernated form, still is) hosted on Wikidot, at ever since its conception in November 2015.

According to its Contents page, 192 articles are hosted there. In December 2020, I decided to reboot the wiki and cut out every content that made this worldbuilding site too ambitious, overarching or just plain stupid.

Here I try to summarize changes that are happening.



Non-temporals are renamed as distemporal. This naming was super, super terrible and I want to undo it.

Ethereal Runes are downplayed by an order of magnitude. Instead I intend to associate meditation with superhuman abilities.

I’m eliminating many factions and races. I wasn’t even very interested in exploring a lot of these. Naturally it’s going to cause discrepancies I may not be listing here. That said, let’s elaborate some of these:

More original planet names. Ethereal Rune names are still existing and in use, but I really need to get rid of them. They sound awful, and it makes more sense in a historical context.

Much, much, MUCH smaller scope! 16 million planets or moons were not too much either (especially from what I started back when I called it the Endline Universe) but for what I imagine, even half of it is a whole bunch to discover. Historical scope is a question though; astronomical time scales can’t really be shortened.

The Aurost race needs a complete revamp. Fatherland? Hibernation instead of death? Seriously?!

The Anubis AI is renamed to Vessel. Its original name was too blatant and I don’t need to throw the Egyptian theme away anyways.

Temporal warps are non-canon anymore. There’s no such thing as time travel. This universe is just enough complicated and this idea wasn’t even too explored so there’s no need to leave an open gate for senseless interpretations.


The Dragon Troopers now belong to the Republic. No other major factions can work: the Free Heaven would never attack distemporals, and the Dragon Troopers are an important plot point for that; the Justice Empire would refuse human subspecies; the Future Empire would never go this far; and the COTC has autonomous flying units anyways.

Specific things

Every distemporal character must be strictly outside of the TNU. Interconnecting characters while provided interesting plot opportunities would have caused the factions and background stories to spiral out of control in a way I couldn’t have kept internally consistent for too long.

This implies the following.

The original planet Ontenedis is non-canon anymore. It was too damn bloody awesome to not include it in Voidshard.

The Shadow Legion of Caidox, as well as the N.I.G.H.T. is non-canon anymore. Nathan MUST arrive from another alternate universe.

The Thunderrealm is non-canon anymore. The entire Aftermath part was utterly unnecessary and out of scope. This specific part fits well to Voidshard anyways.

On the other hand,…

Drake’s homeworld is heavily implied to be Earth from Deep Space Blizzard. I’m not letting this opportunity get away.

‘Amazon’ is renamed to Siara Zaian. It was super cringe-worthy for me to realize Shiori is a legit Japanese surname. Played too much Rimworld at the time, and it was very late for me to realize it makes perfectly zero sense in the context of a non-earthy tribal character.

‘Jumper’ is not a mutant anymore. In the current state of things, there would be no regular human in the protagonist group; Will is just really buff and tall.

‘Red’ needs an overhaul. No way I would be able to write about a bisexual character in an authentic way, that was explored by other artists so much better than I ever could. Also the nipple thing was a huge bullshit, I found it funny only because I was tripping One Piece at the time (no regrets), so I think his tattoos are better spreading into lightning patterns and then fading. Speaks much more about him.

Iria’s new code name is Jellyfish. “Jelly” is just so cringe and maybe her abilities are also better this way.

No more duo naming. Goldfire? Really?! I was too crazy on names, rather than actually producing something meaningful.

The following characters are partially or completely non-canon anymore.


The entire wiki is moved to static hosting. On the 19th of May 2022, Wikidot was hacked by Russian hackers. This was the final straw for me in terms of tolerating its hyper outdated and lackluster infrastructure. This entire repository is a container for everything I’ve writter for the original wiki.

That said,…

Sketch pages are not migrated. I really appreciate everyone’s help and for sure I’m going to scrape through it for ideas, I may even save the better ideas into the brainstorm namespace but these pages are private for reason.

Blog posts are not migrated. Even I cringe on my own faint attempts at blogging. On Wikidot.