About me

My name is Zoltán Schmidt - you can find me as synthwavezoltan at many places on the internet but I was also known as Katamori for a decade. I prefer not to use that one anymore. I was born in 1993 and grown up in rural Hungary; right now I’m living in Budapest, working as a web developer.

I’m really passionate not only about programming and computer science, but in general about the Internet as well, and thus, I’ve been (and often still am) an active user of a bunch of sites.

I used to make a Hungarian Youtube gaming channel between 2009-ish and 2016 and also tried the same in English from 2012 to 2017. Nowadays I do livestreaming on Twitch on occasion with my long time friends and some lovely people from forums and places.

I’m also a huge fan of certain videogames:

Maybe check out my Gitlab Pages site or something, I try to fill it with content one day I swear

About Terminus Nation

Terminus Nation is my creation; a world in which I try to encompass action, fun and drama in a way I find it satisfying. Ever since I started watching cartoons as a child, I’ve been keep on trying to find out worlds, full of stories, drama, conflicts, explosions, and all the rest of things I can find interesting.

Many of these were barely more than daydreaming, or a hodgepodge of stolen ideas, even even for TN I used to assume I can work on it for a lifetime. Turns out I couldn’t, but it’s still a huge fun project; one that I used to create with many lovely friends together and which helped going through some deeply fucked up parts of my life.

How this whole thing started in the first place? That’s another story worth telling; for short, I threw together the fun from One Piece, the drama from Rimworld, and the action from…any FPS?, and blended it in a hot and for the record, quite tough summer of 2015.


The following people helped with the project immensely:

Redditors with outstanding help

Honorable mention


Up until 2022 (technically you can say 2018 as the project went dormant at that year :P) this wiki was hosted on Wikidot, the Polish wiki farm. At the time it was very important for me to avoid programming a lot, but also hosting under a properly secured licence; sadly Wikidot chose not to keep up with the changes and became very obsolete.

This project couldn’t have existed without them though (and fairly I’m not alone with that) so I think it’s important to remember about them and include the original credits.

The old Terminus Nation Wiki is available at terminusnation.wikidot.com

Its design is a slightly modified version of Flannel Ocean, a built-in Wikidot theme.

The old wiki was based on the wiki-template.wikidot.com site. These Wikidot users contributed to the making of the open source wiki template: