List of planets

The following list contains every (more or less) noteworthy celestial body (planets and moons) with an accompanied description.

Since every celestial body has a Planet Monument, many factions use the Rune insignia as a name for it; where this name is known, but a custom one is used, I mark these in brackets. Where this name is not known, I also mark it.

Alphabetical order prefers the custom name.

Meta: just like in the case of characters, many of these planets are mere namesakes and may not be intended for serious expansion for now. A similar system of separation is used.

Planets appearing in Distemporal Blues

Planets appearing in the main story. Distemporal Blues is the de facto central canon of Terminus Nation; whatever or whoever written or told here are ultimately canonized.

Lore support

Planets that may not be directly referred in Distemporal Blues, but are intended to be part of prior events.

Republic planets

Main Ring

Planets so far not appearing in Distemporal Blues.


Sun Serpent planets

Miscellaneous planets


A whole bunch of planet names were declared but not used for anything. I list these namesakes here.

Original description is added, and edited where required; most of them are tentative, though.

Meta: most of these names were born during many of my various brainstorming sessions.

Republic namesakes

Middle Clusters:

The Borderrealm:


Free Heaven namesakes

Future Empire namesakes

Justice Empire namesakes