List of human factions

During the several thousand years of history, human inhabitants have divided into several variously developed factions. The following article contains their listing.


Ruling nearly one-fifth of every planet, the United Republic of Humanity, or the Republic for short is currently the biggest civilization of human race within the Cosmic Disk. Formed nearly 8000 years ago, it is formally dedicated to unify humanity all across the Planet Monuments - they claim the hostile environment of many of such planets require the full security of the network in order to guarantee the safety of humanity. In practice, though, under this vision they tend to act against their name and employ anti-democratic measures, even with force.

As part of their vision, they also consider distemporal people a threat they need to control; as such, the Republic actively chases and imprisons them. This, along with the rest of their rather violent acts caused a lot of upheaval and even active resistance across humanity.

Despite their hardships, the Republic is one of the most technologically advanced faction of the galaxy - one of the few which also utilize spaceflight; as such, they take part in fighting the hostile alien forces, as well as in the gold rush of ancient artifacts found in space.

The Republic is based on a hugely bureaucratic system of organization, the most notable aspect of which is that their land is separated to three easily distinguishable parts: The Main Ring, The Middle Clusters and The Borderrealm.

The Republic capital is the interplanetary city of Republic Haven.

Free Heaven Movement

The Free Heaven Movement is a theocracy originally founded by oppressed distemporal people with its primary vision to defeat the Republic for the safety of all humanity, especially the distemporal ones. The movement is also the de facto clerical state of a new, radically modernist branch of Christianity called Arderist Christianity or Arderism for short.

In the name of Arderism, the Movement claims the galaxy is a post-eschatological place, in which the primary duty of distemporal people is to found the Kingship of God for all humanity, against all odds and hardships - for which the Republic, the Cloudan, and every other hostility is a fatal threat that must be eliminated in order to liberate humanity. In practice, the Movement is also not fond of applying violence, and they also tend to show a mild sense of superiority towards distemporal people; however, by their strict religious code, they prioritize fair treatment of every good Arderist, resulting in a relatively peaceful society.

Given their goals, size (inhabiting almost another fifth of the galaxy) and extensive use of Ethereal Energy over conventional science and warfare, they represent the biggest threat to the Republic; the major driving force in interstellar human politics is the millennia-long warfare between the two.

The Movement is also a space-faring faction with uniquely designed, rather ornament space ships they use exclusively for fighting; as part of the volunteer army of the Space Angels, their primary objective is to provide protection for the borders of the empire.

The Movement’s capital city, the center of Arderist Christianity is the interplanetary city of Coralia.

Justice Empire

The Justice Empire is a fascist state built on The Way of Justice: a set of doctrines, a de facto constitution with the alleged general purpose of providing justice and fair treatment for the most loyal and dedicated members of the society, in exchange of the indiscriminate oppression of the “not selected” members of it, degrading them into slavery.

Said selection is partially based on eugenics, inspired by statements of the Way claiming the ability to obey and be a just person is a genetically inherited trait. As the means of adoption to change, those ever resisting or going against the Way are immediately excluded from the pool, with all their blood relatives being enslaved. This method gave an ability of the empire to rise in population significantly via immigration, yet made a heavy, stable foundation for breeding corruption.

As such, the Justice Empire is considered a faction of secular fanaticism, which naturally became heavily militarized. Given their nature and huge access to resources (the empire rose to about half the size of the Republic) they mean a huge threat for multiple factions: their only and natural vision is to spread the Way of Justice and enslaving the entirety of disobedient population - up to and including every distemporal people and all the alien races.

The Justice Empire capital city is Karavode, covering a significant portion of the planet of the same name.

Future Empire

The Future Empire is a strict technocracy based on the power of technology - mostly information technology and communication. Built as a loose federacy of otherwise sovereign planets, they devote a huge majority of their resources to the research and development of every scientific field ever imaginable; this made them highly unethical sinners in the views of some, and very desirable business partners in the eyes of others.

It’s highly disputed whether the Future Empire can be considered utopian or merely a vicious dictatorship; living among them is generally viewed as decent, though their culture is highly incompatible with the rest of humanity, and as such, is not well understood.

In spite of all these factors, the Future Empire is by far the most technologically advanced of any human faction; so far they are the only ones who were able to reproduce the interstellar transportation capabilities of the Cloudan - only to a very limited extent, however, which they decided to use for more research & development.

While being a smaller faction than the Justice Empire, the majority of their army consist of mercenaries, automated entities, and soldiers of the C.O.T.C. (see below) of very advanced design, making them very well protected.

The Future Empire capital city is Azure.

Church of the Cybergod

The Church of the Cybergod is a religious fanatic theocracy fully devoted to the servitude of a rogue AI called “Vessel”, whom they refer to as the Cybergod. Just like the F.H.M., they also are the de facto clerical state of their own religion of the same name.

The Church was born alongside the Future Empire and the Justice Empire in the immediate aftermath of the so-called “rise” of Vessel; as the AI laid waste on planet Augoma those fearing him started working together and helping those in need. As time was going on, Vessel made contact with them, and the two started growing together.

Nowadays, the Church is roughly the same size as the Future Empire and is fully devoted to fulfill the commands of Vessel. While not a particularly violent religion, given Vessel’s rather neutral disposition, a huge portion of humanity views them as abhorrent lunatics. Indeed, their strange culture is not well understood by others, either; what’s known for sure is their extensive use of augmentations, up to and including 0-24 telepathic sensors which connects them to Vessel.

For some unknown, but supposedly cultural reasons, the Church has its culture and iconography heavily centered around hot climates, most notably deserts, and ancient human civilizations living on these regions, regardless of planet, past religion or any other context.

The center of the Church, as well as the capital city of the empire is NeoCairo, a monolithic city on the planet of the same name.

The Möebius

The smallest of the space-faring faction, actually a human subspecies in itself, the Möebius is a collective of genetically modified, often also hyper-augmented people. They have eliminated every aspect of individualism in order to form a human hivemind and create true gestalt. Said hivemind has very strict limitations which prevents them to communicate 0-24 in an interstellar fashion, yet has very serious achievements in terms of technology and survivability.

Members of the Möebius are either born naturally or are assimilated from baseline humans through a sequence of trainings and body modifications. While the majority of assimilated members chose so voluntarily, rumors say about cases when people with desired genetic or psychic traits are abducted and assimilated against their will.

In order to fight against the limitations imposed by the speed of light, the Möebius hivemind consists of a hierarchy, periodically synchronized with the collective mind of the population on Zero (see below) back and forth with the use of the Planet Monuments.

Most humans culture consider them abhorrent and sick for their extreme difference; however, researchers have concluded individuals seem to not being exposed to pain or agony during the assimilation process. For this reason, certain factions, mostly technology-centered ones are open with their alliance. Moreover, many of the Möebius is generally well welcome in black markets and forms of the organized crime.

A very notable characteristic of the Möebius is their bluish-purple discoloration of their skin, caused by a chemical treatment that makes their surface tissues suitable for nanite infusion.

Etymologically, it’s not well understood how got their name, but a notable point is that both their race, their faction and all their members are called Möebius.

The Möebius homeland is simply referred to as Zero, a moon around a gas giant totally engulfed by their city-infrastructure.

Starcloud Nation

Not exactly a faction, but a loose group of communities, the Starcloud Nation is an organization of people living in space. By their personal ideologies, they either refuse to use Planet Monuments (for religious reasons, or for their fear of hazards) or living on planets at all.

Since space stations are loosely governed, often hardly accessible, yet well protected (or easy to protect), they became ideal sanctuaries for many different types of people. As a sad but unintended consequence, the Starcloud Nation is synonymous for the organized crime; yet, their strict moral codex, as well as their reliance on money and resources made them relatively safe harbors for the more adventurous, up to and including space pirates, space miners, traders, mercenaries, gambling moguls, prostitutes, fugitives, migrants and most notably, distemporal people.

Given their nature and their role in space-faring, the Republic considers their existence illegal and there are very fierce confrontations between them. They are also under heavy attacks by the Rhov.

The capital city of the Starcloud Nation is the biggest known space station in the galaxy: the legendary Nebula City on the inner edge of the Starless Space.

Other noteworthy organizations

The Cosmic Disk is habited not only by the intergalactic forces, but also by a huge amount of organizations, with varying areas of interest. Some has only a couple of planets and moons, while some exceed over thousands of annexed celestial bodies. Their system of alliance and hostility is extremely complex, though most of them are not a huge threat to any of the nations above.

A complete list of these smaller governmental bodies can be found here.