List of characters

A thorough list of the characters appearing in the stories of the TNU.

Meta: Due to the nature of how the world was tried to be expanded, many of these characters are mere namesakes and are not filled with notable personality, nor intended for right now. For the sake of transparency, they are separated in an extra block.

*Those you can see in the original wiki but not here are non-canon anymore. Refer to misc/cut_content for details. *

Characters of supernatural physiology (superhumans) or origin of power (supernatural humans) have their SNSH name written as a middle name.

Characters appearing in Distemporal Blues

Characters appearing in the main story: Distemporal Blues. Distemporal Blues is the de facto central canon of Terminus Nation; whatever or whoever written or told here are ultimately canonized.


In the order of introduction.

Supporting characters

Given the current state of the plot, these are largely tentative.


Also largely tentative.

Vessel’s Gate


Characters appearing in Compound of the Harpies

Assuming Compound of the Harpies ever goes beyond planning stage.

Lore support

Characters who may not be directly referred in Distemporal Blues, but are intended to be part of prior events.


Justice Empire

Other factions

Other species