List of alien races and factions

Beyond the human presence, the galaxy is also inhabited by several native and later arriving alien species.

The Cloudan

An aggressive and mostly anti-human race. The biggest species of the galaxy that emerged to the superpowers, as well as the oldest ones - along with the Sun Serpents.

The Cloudan entirely refuse the use of Ethereal Energy and any Shaper technology (aside of Planet Monuments, or whatever they can reproduce without Runes), reaching a slow but constant technological advancement. Given their warlike culture, they aim to wipe out most interstellar races and enslave the rest.

They are the only race capable of interstellar travelling, albeit in a risky way (see Rhov).


The absolute majority of the race is unified under a partially decentralized empire of the Cloudan Confederacy, living in sort of a special Cloudan tribalism that gives their edge over any conflict. Said empire also rules over the original homeworld - hugely derived from this fact, they consider themselves the definite, only true Cloudan empire.

[The Rhov] (derived from “mercenary”) is a semi-official paramilitary organization of the Confederacy, consisting of the only members of the species who are allowed to leave their homes. They are a de facto disorganized fleet of pirate ships, free to roam the galaxy and raid planets, space stations and ancient wreckages in exchange for a hefty tax on the loot.

They are well infamous about being the explicit subversive and distracting force behind any official, regular Cloudan military operation. Given said role, they tend to be the more bloodthirsty and violent members even of their own race.

Every space ship in the flee is capable of interstellar travel through the means of psionics-based, instantaneous, albeit very energy consumption-heavy teleportation. None of the space-faring races could copy their design so far due to their heinous nature and tendency to self-destruct on the verge of defeat.

A handful of Rhov renegades, under the leadership of captain Hken of Zul joined the fleets of Vessel, calling themselves the Hken Fleet - they are the only such rebels with any remarkable success.

The Aurost

The result of millennia of Shaper bioengineering experiment: barely decaying, very slowly aging bio-automatons, equipped with ethics and feelings. Their body (even their face - for helping eating) is covered in hard but rigid, metal-based bionic components, making only their blue eyes visible. They have a relatively round-shaped torso, and dozens of tentacle-like appendages, which they capable of clamping to resemble a humanoid shape (with arms and legs) for usability purposes.

Their unique technology is based on the mixture of their own scientific advancement and the embedded use of Ethereal Energy, making them one of the most efficiently working, building and expanding race.

The Aurost is an ally of humanity, regardless of additional occupancy, claiming that the Shapers created the Universe for them.

Due to their exotic xenobiology, they age very slowly, with their average lifespan going in the thousands of years. An interesting cultural side effect of this is that they often go into hibernation at the end of their lives as a form of voluntary euthanasia, from which they never wake up again. Legends say they used this method in the past for the ability of extracting knowledge from the dead for as long as possible; yet how the Aurost “recycles” knowledge stored this way is currently unknown.


Just like their violent counterpart, the Aurost also joined up in a monolithic empire. They call their empire Embemea and they live in an even more decentralized state structure. Their society is based on egalitarianism, mutualism and local causes, which they follow in a nearly religious fashion.

Their ultimate goal is the absolute and perfect non-human understanding of the Universe and everything in it; civilians of the Fatherland dedicate most of their lives to research the secrets of the universe. It’s speculated the Aurost could keep so unified during the millennia within Embemea because such tasks are inherently apparent in every natural (unmodified and unaugmented) member of their species, by design.

As a sad side effect, members of Embemea are heavy against any form of artificial enhancement of their body, even in life-saving occasions.

The capital of Embemea is a planet named Aurost Embemea, which isn’t the home world of the species, though.

While some Aurost live in exile, sporadically across the Universe, they are few and far in-between.

The Sun Serpents

Claimed to be the descendants of a special subspecies of the Shapers; their scaled skin has a brownish-yellow tint - also, they have reptile-shaped heads, a pair of snake-ish eyes, and a long tail at the end of their torso.

This race lives completely free of regular technology, entirely relying on Ethereal Energy Channeling, but given their age, their cultural advancements go millions of years beyond the rest of the species.

The Sun Serpent also claim, the Sun God created the world for the Shapers, and the human presence is only an anomaly, thus they despise humans, though in a less violent manner than the Cloudan. They consider themselves the only rightful heir of the Universe, slowly but constantly expanding their empire and protecting that at all costs, causing a lot of conflicts with other species.

While their expansion is slow, and is without any intention of enslavement or genocide, most races deem them to be no less dangerous than the Cloudan or the Republic.


Even with their monolithic religion, the Sun Serpent race is much more divided than the other superpowers.

Their biggest faction is the Sun Serpent Empire; led by the Old Ones, it’s a loosely hierarchic theocracy, without any major defeat ever since the rise of their species. It was created in the aftermath of the ancient Sun Serpent diaspora.

The Sun Serpent homeland is ruled by this empire as a capital; they named it The City to the Star of the Sky.

Given their theocratic nature, this empire exiled lots of those it considered heretics or renegades; The Moon Serpents is the most notable colloquial term used for them. They formed their own cult-based civilization to idolize Vessel; in their belief, it’s their Protector God who fights to keep the balance of the Universe.

As the Moon Serpents refuse the existence and the power of the Sun God, the original Sun Serpents chase and execute them. They also have violent conflicts with the radical Justice Empire, but otherwise enjoy the protection of Vessel’s soldiers and the benevolent support of the Future Empire.

The Moon Serpent homeworld is a moon called Bhoeler.

Minor alien races

It is estimated that there are more than 1200 races in the galaxy that has formed some form of civilization.

Extinct ones

During the hundreds of thousands of years, several other major races emerged and fell to the dominance of others.

As of 2022/05/27, no specific extinct race is proposed on the wiki.