A language is a structured system of communication. All known sentient species, including humans use languages as the primary means of communication and an extensive field of science called linguistics has evolved around them.

The total estimated number of languages existing today in the galaxy is in the 100 thousands, with the number closing to a million including former or extinct languages.

Human languages

In the spoken world of humanity, the two major categories are the ancient languages and the post-languages with the rather rare extra group of derived languages.

Ancient languages are the collective of those spoken by the first humans of Volada and described in its details by the data records of those first space ships. Post-languages is an umbrella term for every language evolved, and has usually become entirely detached from any ancient languages, during the modern history of man.

Derived languages are usually referred as those evolved directly from ancient languages, but some actually are derived from post-languages. Technically, every non-ancient language is a derived one; post-languages, however, are categorized separately for their strict separation from ancient ones.

Ancient languages

There are seven ancient languages: English, Spanish, Jade, Latin, Greek, Arabic and Slavic.

All of these were referred by the Volada records as specific dialects: International English, Peninsular Spanish, Standard Japanese, Koine Greek, Modern Latin, Classical Arabic and Old Church Slavonic, respectively. Considering the loss of any historical records, the context of these dialects are largely speculative and derivate; it was known, however, that only English, Spanish and Jade were spoken by the actual colonists and the rest were stored for scientific and cultural reasons.

In modern days, a huge portion of the human race speaks ancient languages, or their newly-formed dialects as a native language:

Post-languages and derived languages

There are four major post-languages in the galaxy: Karvousabi, Thitese, Ozdish and Ainbian.

The most important derived languages are: the Vasii language (from Latin), the Khali language (from Arabic) and the Ezri language. (from Arabic)



Alien language


Cloudan language

Aurost language

Sun Serpent language

Other languages

Shaper language

Non-spoken languages

The Language Anomaly