History: Moeer Incident

On 595.R.D., major FDU colony Goodvillage (Planet Monument insignia: Dalases) was struck by a nuclear explosion with the estimated power of over 70 megatons. The event known as the Moeer Incident was the culmination of the long-lasting armed struggle between the FDU and the Dfu Tribe of the Cloudan Confederacy.

Since the nuclear warhead responsible for the devastation was acquired by the Cloudan as part of previous ambushes, the incident is considered one of the biggest military failures in URH history. The explosion obliterated the colony’s capital city of the same name and the following fallout, combined with the upcoming Cloudan invasion, put an end of human presence on Dalases forever.

Like many other colonies, Goodvillage was founded around the satellite’s Planet Monument; as such, the hit targeted said object. The FDU at the time had no exact knowledge about the durability of Monuments; however, thanks to the airlocks around the portals, neighboring FDU colony Miro Rena suffered no casualties, nor any exposure to radiation, heat, or shockwave.

The incident brought serious changes in the approach to the Cloudan-human war for the FDU.

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