History: Human Dawn

The Human Dawn (or Dawn of Humanity sometimes) was the age of the first human civilizations of the galaxy. It was the era that culturally influenced the most on the present’s civilizations.

Against the increasing alien threat, 2600 years after the born of the first colony, the majority of the nations became unified in one gigantic nation which is currently known as the Republic. Against their violent nature in “providing safety”, resistance soon appeared, and the Human Dawn is considered ended when it turned out to be a galaxy-wide conflict.


Historians of the galaxy agree upon the fact that no matter which race is used as a reference point, the arrival of humanity had and is still having the biggest impact on the global political situation, making an end to the domination of the Rhov in space, the constant struggles of Aurost Embemea and ensuring that the Sun Serpent race will never go through another apocalyptic event ever again.


Main events