In beliefs across the galaxy, gestalt is a theoretical ideal entity (not unlike a god) with supreme qualities, composed of multiple single, otherwise individual and/or individualistic sentient entities; the concept claims that working in perfect synchronicity, a whole of entities represent bigger power, than the sum of each of its members. In real-life implementation it’s known as collective consciousness, a hive mind, or gestalt intelligence and almost exclusively exists as a supernatural extension of aforementioned beliefs.

Gestalt beliefs involve religions, but also secular ideologies on occasion, that had strong tendencies to support the ideas of mutualism, the importance of altruism, team work, or the role of communities in the life of an individual. Though the idea is well-known for all species by the 8th millennia R.D., the majority still finds the idea either impossible, unfeasible, too extreme, or simple repulsive to implement.

Many religions not taking place in the collectivization of the individual instead choose to idolize real-life gestalt intelligences as deities, claiming that the whole is, indeed superior to the sum of its parts.

In xenobiology, there’s no consensus on whether the assumed superiority of a collective consciousness is backed up by scientific facts; self-sustenance of an entity of collective scope is largely questioned, while the exceptional qualities in perception and psionics are immediately apparent.

As of 7902.R.D., alien gestalt minds are all thought to be extinct; the only and also the strongest ever representation of a gestalt idea is the Möebius, an artificially evolved humanoid hivemind life form, originated from the the baseline human genome.

Theoretical limits

Considering nothing is faster than the speed of light yet a gestalt mind requires near-instantaneous communication among its parts, every hive mind is limited either by the surface of its planets, or the vast distances of even interplanetary space. Because of this, all prior ancient gestalts existed on the scope of one planet, celestial satellite, or at most two planets via some sort of connection through Planet Monuments.

The Möebius, on the other hand, is holding control over thousands of planets - it’s assumed the race utilizes a technique known as Guardian Subconscious Minds. Each planetary colony has its own perfect gestalt, and inside the population, a set or more advanced, more capable specimen called Guardians are assigned to operations in or around the Planet Monument; synchronization of separate collectives are happening across the connectivity provided by Planet Monument portals, which is then propagated among the rest on the planet nearly instantaneously.

Sync is assumed to take a lot of energy for either participants, slowing down the otherwise immense progress of knowledge sharing and advancement of the Möebius.