The general structure of the Terminus Nation universe

This article provides a simple insight to the main structure of the TNU.

Cosmic Disk

A disk-shaped set of stars and smaller astrological objects; actually, in itself, is a ring galaxy, that was artificially created by the Shapers. It contains hundreds of thousands of celestial bodies, serving as home for countless races and nations.

Its center is the Shaper superstructure that was responsible for their “ascension”, as well as the ring on the edge of the galaxy.

Starless Space

The intergalactic void; portions of space above, below, and (to an extent) around the Cosmic Disk, having very small amount of stars, and sporadically, some exotic (and with any form of life, usually incompatible) space objects. Considered deserted in astrological level; several legendary locations are found here though, what leads to interesting assumptions.

Invisible World

The world beyond the Frontier and the Starless Space; practically the rest of the universe, both inside and outside of the local supercluster. Planet Monument Webs here are either isolated from each other, or non-existent at all; thus, for the majority of the locations, space travel is impossible on the technological advancement of most races.

Rumors say, billions of spaceships carrying cryosleep beings wander here to land on the first non-gaseous planet they find and to wake them up.

The ascended Shapers are thought to reside somewhere here.