Ezbekuar's Gate

Ezbekuar’s Gate (or the Gate for short) is a Shaper megastructure at the end of the beam coming from Beacon World. Named after the Shaper known to lead the last of their kin to leave, the construction was by far the biggest known project of the ascended race: one spatial warp with tens of meters of diameter, opening to an unknown endpoint presumed to be billions of lightyears away.

The Gate is residing in the center of a depleted Dyson sphere, getting energy directly from Beacon World, and indirectly through it, from every Planet Monument in the galaxy in order to be able to work. It is generally thought to be unreachable through conventional space travel; its sole known entry point is a short-range teleport on the remote moon of Zychton.

The spatial warp of the Gate opens only once per every 670 thousand years; this phenomena is known as a Beacon World Activation Event and due to the sheer scale of consumed and released energy (most ethereal in nature) is generally accompanied by a chain reaction of random catastrophic events across each bodies of the galaxy.

The opening of the Gate is the only known way to leave the galaxy; as such, regardless of the (either way, unavoidable) casualties of its activation, civilizations are highly seeking out any possibility to locate and visit it, in hopes of various rewards. Many have wildly different expectations of the new lands; the most notable of these hopes is the conjecture of distemporal people is that leaving Beacon World this far helps them breaking the endless cycle of reincarnations and becoming mortal people again.

The second opening of the Gate serves as the central conflict for Distemporal Blues, the main Terminus Nation canon story.