Ethereal Energy

Ethereal Energy is an additional and extraordinary altering potential of fundamental particles which, while assumed to be caused by “simple” string theory phenomena, still unpredictable by the regular models of theoretical physics. It coexists with the “regular”, well-understood laws of physics, and provides additional power to the particles and thus, every single matter of the world. As it is hardly describable on rational ways, it is often associated with, or even considered “magic”.

By the rules of entropy, Ethereal Energy is a relatively stable of form of potential energy; it requires conscious disturbance in order to utilize it. However, Ethereal Energy itself is capable of violating entropy of physical spacetime.

Ethereal Energy Channeling

Ethereal Energy Channeling (EEC for short) is a technique by which the Ethereal Energy potential of a body or a medium can be harnessed to alter the material world in varying details and size.

It was developed by the Shapers and is based on the fact that every thought a sentient entity generates starts a process of a very small world altering, both directly and indirectly. The Shapers have invented a special alphabet that amplifies and/or expands this altering ability.

When a sentient entity is capable of both noticing and vocalizing (thus reading and speaking) said runes, then it can imprint their effects on any surrounding material. Most life forms, up to and including artificial ones are capable of extorting this effect through physical inscription.

As both focus (see below), the Rune sequences, the special techniques and every other component need heavy studying and practice (and a stable and clear mind for maximum efficiency), EEC is very hard to master, but can be supported by creating automatic systems for it. Thus, EEC can be the fundamental base of entire technological branches and paradigms – as it has happened in case of the Shapers and several global alien races of the Cosmic Disk.

Focus & meditation

Supernatural alteration for most races is limited by the access of any material bearing an inscription, as well as the ability to vocalize said runes in certain cases. This requires focus: an elevated level of the behavioral process of selective awareness and attention.

Humans, due to their unique neurobiology, are capable of more elevated forms of focus, meaning that they can utilize channeling without the requirement for inscriptions, or even the knowledge of Runes. This happens through meditation.

Meditation requires only a totem in its simplest form - this can be anything, from a small item to an abstract idea, without any regards to distance, size, or any other factor. The only requirement for a totem is to be capable of comprehending its nature and existence.

If said object happens to have inscriptions, or are the abstract concept of a Rune or a sequence of Runes, it’s called Rune Focusing - this has better success rate and efficiency but is more limited in accessibility, as requires rare personality traits.

The primary goal of meditation in the context of channeling is to reach metafocus, a mental state in which awareness cannot be broken by outside stimuli easily. Among the human population, few can effectively reach this state; those who can, however, can perform channeling certain types and/or amounts of EE from a body or matter to another. Combining it with certain motions, the touch of certain materials, or in case of Rune Focusing: memorizing multiple Runes, or even more sequences of Runes can provide an extremely wide set of spatial and matter altering abilities.

Other races

Non-human races are actually also capable of Rune Focusing but only if they focus on a specific set of Runes and said sequence is inscribed on an item in their possession. This way, non-human entities can also EEC but still in a much more limited form than humans.

One notable exception is the Sun Serpent race, whose abilities are actually even exceeded by that of humans in meditation. The exact reasons for this unknown, as Sun Serpent neurobiology is much less understood than that of the human; some even assume a common origin for the two races, but in lack of any knowledge about humanity’s origin this can be neither proven or disputed.



Working theory: Ethereal Energy variants

As mentioned, the internal mechanics of Ethereal Energy and EEC are poorly understood, the consensus theory among human, Aurost and COTC scientists is the following:

In the Universe, different matters are composed of different amounts of so-called “variants” of Ethereal Energy, making every matter significant and usable in EEC.

EE variants, in theory, represent various abstract, not precisely defined, and very situation-dependent concepts and definitions - the energy amount associated to them describe and define the properties of any given material. The entirety of the EE variants is theoretically able to represent every possible energy and/or matter outcome of the Universe, even outside of the boundaries of the Cosmic Disk.

EE variants, in practice, appear as the representation of the nodes in Ethereal Runes, the edges of which symbolize the channeling between them. This is up to speculation, however, as, while every Ethereal Rune can be depicted a 10x10 matrix, curvature in the writing lining can also “trigger” exactly the same effect.

Due to the nature of said edges, it’s also theorized there are 25 EE variants; their exact context, or the relationship between them is not well understood. Due to this chaotic nature (which also supports the scientific explanation for the effects on meditation), new discoveries and breakthroughs in a scientific approach to EE are happening very frequently.