Cloudan: Quhma Entanglement

In sociology, Quhma Entanglement or Cloudan tribalism refers to the phenomena exclusively unique to the Cloudan race, stating that the species is unable to build up a stable and long-lasting society in any other state structure than tribal confederacy. The fact that the only organized Cloudan faction unifies the dominant majority of its species and that it has existed as an uninterrupted monolithic empire is the ultimate proof of this theory.

The Cloudan has been a highly aggressive and territorial race for the majority of its existence; tensions inside the species were constant during their history, leading to rapid destabilization. However, just like any other race, they also could not exist without reproduction, and for the protection of their offsprings, communities slowly started to form. The most stable unit of such communities is the tribe, or quhma in Cloudan language.

A tribe is a self-sustaining, sovereign community with generally varying size and civilizational advancement, but are generally characterized by a number of 50 to 1000 families. Variable factors include geography, climate, and the size of neighboring tribes, among others. Strangely enough, historical evidence shows tribes are so strong and fundamental that on occasion, they were able to withstand attacks with up to six times outnumbered.

Later, some tribes started trading and forming unions, leading to rapid development for early Cloudan factions; many of these rose and fall, with different forms of government being applies. With the exception of the confederacy of local tribes, all failed; in the long term, however, the strength of one single tribe has been conserved, serving as the leading branch of the whole of Cloudan community.

This tribe, generally considered the strongest and most advanced tribe of 970+ families is the Overtribe, serves as the de facto ruling class of the Confederacy; some argue whether the Overtribe is replaceable in a confederative manner by this point of their advancement, but sociological evidence so far shows these families are so reliant on the support of other tribes that they are still not above the rest of families.

Quhma Entanglement also has the implication that the only way to defeat the Cloudan and halting their violent territorial advancement is to defeat each and every quhma, one by one - a very tedious feat that already implies the complete eradication of the race.

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