Cloudan race

The Cloudan (Erksme in their language) are a native civilized race of the galaxy. Evolved during the Shaper ascension, a catastrophic incident (which was for long thought to be a meteor impact) changed them forever, becoming a heavily hostile civilization, with the unconditional aim to rule the galaxy and its species.

According to multiple scientific sources, the biggest threat to humanity in the galaxy is the Cloudan.


The word Cloudan is a human English nickname originating from the earliest days of alien contact, way before the foundation of the Republic, due to their military operations approaching enemies frequently from the sky. While it’s largely considered obsolete, the race is still keeping it for cultural reasons, as part of their avian origins.


The Cloudan are bipedal creatures. They have one head and two arms and legs with four fingers each; the species are capable of standing and walking in a humanoid manner.

They have rough, thick gray skin, which has a texture not unlike stone or concrete, though its exact coloration is subject to change. More resilient specimens are darker colored with a tint of green.

The race also possesses strong jaw and sharp teeth, given their early carnivorous origins; though as a result of their adoption to new climates, the species has become essentially omnivorous, yet with a strong, mostly cultural tendency towards meat.

Compared to human, they have an extra joint on their limbs, and a very distinctive pair of jade green eyes. Not unlike in certain bird-like species, they can cover it with a very resilient extra layer of skin besides their eyelids.

Reproduction and life cycle

The Cloudan have one gender: two individuals are necessary to fertilize one, but both possesses both types of the necessary organs.

Reproduction happens through eggs to reproduce, in a two-step process: first, an individual lays an egg, which is relatively small at this point; and then, another one fertilizes it. The egg keeps fragile, but needs no external heat source for the developing offspring to grow.

Reaching the size of leaving the egg rarely takes more than 6-7 weeks, but from that point, they need a lot of food intake as their growth accelerates until they become self-sustaining.

Up until that point, the life cycle is very similar to avian life forms, but for the Cloudan, it’s frequent to lay and fertilize multiple eggs at a time when “families” are formed. Offsprings are extremely prone to cannibalize each other, which make sustaining healthy nourishment levels easier, and also provides an opportunity for the strongest, most viable offspring to emerge.

Cloudan lifespan is estimated around 150 years, with some exceptional specimen living up to 300 years.


The Cloudan is a highly aggressive, very territorial species; this is the most important defining factor of their society. Their majority lives in a warlike culture, in which any sort of conflict bears the chance for glory and power. The Cloudan is constantly seeking for such glory and power, even at the cost of their own.

Internally, this made them very divisive; however, their ancient structure of living made a great opportunity to keep up a steady progress amidst the infighting. This phenomena is known as The Quhma Entanglement: the Cloudan can coexist only as a form of several semi-nomadic tribes (or quhma), which is the smallest possible indivisible unit of their society.

Every other attempt of known state structures, up to and including dictatorships have failed, and eventually the species became partially unified as a loose alliance of millions of small quhma called the Cloudan Confederacy. under the control of the leadership cast quhma, the Overtribe.

While the tribe culture is an ancient heritage of the Cloudan history, the exact structure is constantly changing, adapting to new historical circumstances.


The capital of the Confederacy is planet Sme.