Cloudan Screwer Militia

The Cloudan Screwer Militia is a self-declared semi-codified organization, acting like an armed fleet, constantly wandering in space within the Cosmic Disk. Led by the duo of the formerly famous colonel of the Republic Forces, "Ironfist" Kane and the infamous pirate, "Immortal" Albu, it is the only space pirate fleet that is mostly made of and is totally led by humans.

They claim they are humans who were brave enough to get the equipment necessary to become pirates of space and practically declared war on the alien pirates, with the exception of the mixed-race pirate fleet. Indeed: the army of the militia consists of 87 Cloudan Interstellar Transporter-Class space ships, all stolen from the Cloudan space pirates by a strongly unified militaristic team.

They live in space almost constantly but visit planets as well; their behavior is varying from nice to aggressive, depending on the reception they get. Despite atrocities, they are in alliance with the Starcloud Nation, Future Empire and Church of the Cybergod. Their biggest enemies are the Rhov and the Republic Forces, but not the nation itself.

Categories: Human micronations

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